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  Good morning. It's a pleasure for me present myself. My name is xx, and I am a candidate for the position of java software engineer

  I am certain that my qualification and experience is at par with the job requirement. Hereby i am providing you with a brief overview of my skill set and achievments.

  I have completed my graduation in computer science from PQR college of sciences. I hold a diploma in software testing techniques. I have an extensive work experience in the relevant field for 5 years. I have worked as a supervisor of a 5 member team for software testing. The responsibilities i carried out included analysing and testing software using JavaScipt and PHP languages. I have also looked after the technical testing department of the organization and solved whatever problems the software programs face while they were commercially run.

  I am confident of my interpersonal skills and have attended various international clients in the organization. I am fluent with English, Spanish and German. I recognise the importance of team work in an organisational success and actively seek methodical way to solutions. I am interseted to be associated with your organization at a responsible position. I hope that through my work experience I will be a new member of your JAVA programming team. More information about my programming experiences and abilities is detailed in my CV enclosed with this letter.


  Leaders, my name is XXX, the remaining more than gold, gold. My hometown is in Gushi County of Henan Province, the parents are alive are all in good health, I have a sister in Wuhan. I am 07 years university graduate, majoring in computer software and Javar technology. Remember that before graduation to find work in Shanghai, then in Shanghai Wanda company internship, six months after the positive to health services, programmers working in medical and health projects. It is a total of about a year and a half, quit. The reason is probably that the work atmosphere made me feel not what plus was also feeling good jump to a Japanese company to work, just at that time the company in CMMI3, do the project in strict accordance with the CMMI process to go, what documents, Coding, I have to participate in the test. That time is really learned a lot of things on the project, may be just what the financial crisis, the company originally promised wages did not materialize and left. Go to the Shanghai XX Information Company, from the beginning of the project the main force to the development of the project leader, my biggest harvest in the agricultural letter nearly three years of work is, let me face to face communication better needs freedom in the project with the client side, late in the project to provide training and project by customer feedback and project to know. May be I can't adapt to the changes of company, then put forward to leave away.

  Technology I have been engaged in the J2ee Web, the general open source framework Struts1, Struts2, Hibernate, Ibatis and Spring are used in project development. Master Ajax, Jquery, Dwr front-end, including CSS and HTML.

  The database can write complex SQL query statistics including views, stored procedures, postgre, Oracle, Sql, Server project development experience.

  My personality is outgoing seems not to like to make friends, like challenging. Leisure time to play badminton, table tennis, chess.

  If asked why, at the moment I feel the work is not stable, this project I do is the pioneering, with certain experimental may succeed or fail, even if the returned to the head of project success and I can't find your location.

  Weaknesses: speak too straight, the lack of courage to do things too much will hesitate.

  Character strengths: work a sense of self is a serious and responsible, can bear hardships and stand hard work.


  My name is XXX, this year is 21 years old, graduated from XX PLA information engineering university computer science and technology professionals, in the four years of college life, I have grasped the development and application of technology, but also in the development of the network have the profound understanding. So to lay a solid foundation of professional knowledge. In the thoughts and behavior, thought progress, positive enterprising, has the self-confidence, have very strong work sense of responsibility and the dedication to work, work steadfast, bears hardships and stands hard work, have a high comprehensive quality training.

  During the period of school has many social practice experience, has participated in college online virtual laboratory development needs analysis, the university period as many times more course lesson representative. Professional knowledge, proficient in C/C programming language, capable of using the language for software development; Master Visual C 6.0 programming software, has the rich based on Windows platform write software experience. Understand TCP/IP protocol, familiar with the basic principle of database; Have relatively rich web design and development experience, was instrumental in construction and maintenance institute's web site.Actively participate in a number of research projects. Has a strong professional ability. Have a solid Core Java foundation, good programming style; Familiar with Tomcat, Jboss server and so on, familiar based on Linux and Unix environment of software development.

  Although the actual work experience is not very full, but point four years developed my full confidence and professional dedication and solid base of the discipline knowledge and strong professional skills, four years of military school life, I strict demands on themselves, and consciously, observance of discipline and punctuality. I am honest and have the sense of responsibility, has the independent enterprising character, is industrious hands, good at one's brains, adapt to the new environment ability. Can be in the shortest time to finish from students to professional staff transformation, try your best into the new work and life.

  After four years of study, training I become a moral right, has a strong will and a lofty ideal, has the enterprising spirit and team cooperation spirit of good students. Believe what I have knowledge and competence can fit for any hard work. If I am lucky enough to become a member of your company, I will put all the youth and enthusiasm bend force into work, obtain due scores, for the development of the company to contribute their strength.


  在校期间有多次社会实践经历,曾参与过学院网上虚拟实验室开发的需求分析,大学期间多次担任多课程的课代表。专业知识上,精通C/C++编程语言,能够熟练运用上述语言进行软件开发;掌握Visual C++6.0编程软件,有丰富的基于Windows平台编写软件的经验;了解TCP/IP协议,熟悉数据库基本原理;具有较为丰富的网站设计开发经验,曾经协助建设和维护学院网站。积极参与多项科研项目。具有很强的业务能力。拥有扎实的Core Java基础,良好的编程风格;熟悉Tomcat,Jboss服务器等,熟悉基于Linux及Unix环境下的软件开发。






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